Unlock private wealth.

Access a broader base of capital and streamline management of non-institutional investors through a single, seamless platform.
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Manage private wealth investors with ease.


Simplified Operational Workflow

Consolidate your non-institutional LP base into a single entity managed by Gridline. Our platform streamlines every aspect of the investment lifecycle, including KYC/AML, subscription agreements, capital calls & treasury management, performance reporting, and K-1's.

Enhanced User Experience for LPs

Gridline ensures that your investors enjoy a seamless experience. We've reimagined the investment and reporting experience from the ground up, ensuring simplicity & visibility into single investments and across a private market portfolio.

Efficiency and Compliance

Gridline ensures compliance with SEC regulations and custody rules, providing you with a stress-free experience. KYC & AML screening, fund formation, regulatory & investor compliance are all handled by us.

Scalable Access to Private Wealth

Funds interested in attracting additional capital from the private wealth channel can be listed on Gridline's marketplace for investment from Gridline's member base of RIAs, Family Offices, and HNWIs. This requires Gridline's investment team performing due diligence on the opportunity and gaining IC approval.

Benefits to You

  • Gridline pools capital and invests as a single LP
  • Dashboard provides tracking of individual investor commitments
  • All capital calls and fund documentation handled by Gridline
  • Comprehensive fund administration services
  • KYC, KYB & fraud prevention on platform

Benefits to Your LP

  • Fully digital investment workflow
  • Centralized performance and tax reporting
  • Cash flow management and visibility
  • Real-time information on portfolio

Join the exceptional managers on our platform.

Gridline allows selected fund managers to tap into Gridline's broad base of investor capital with the same administrative ease as working with a single institutional LP.
We deliver long-term value to managers on our platform by broadening your network of potential advisors and investors.

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