A better solution for wealth managers investing in the private markets.

Leverage our technology to bring your vision to life for your clients. In days, not weeks.
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Gridline provides the modern infrastructure that expands the scope and scale at which you can serve your clients.

Offer exceptional private market investment opportunities to your clients via three solutions:

Turnkey. From KYC to K-1.

The platform provides you with transparency, access, and control while streamlining administrative tasks so you can focus on building relationships with clients.

Fund Structuring

Customizable fund structure that can be tailored to your specific investment strategy and objectives.

Investor Management

Tools for managing investor onboarding, communications, and reporting.

Regulatory Compliance

Support for regulatory compliance, ensuring that your fund meets all relevant regulations and requirements.

Fund Administration

Comprehensive fund administration services, including accounting, reporting, and investor relations.

How it works.

Up and running in record time. Supported for the long term.

Advisor Onboarding

Whether new to alternatives or a seasoned expert, we work with your team to ensure you have the knowledge and training to confidently deploy capital.

Select or Create Your Products

Choose from the investments available in our managed marketplace or work with our team to create your own custom fund.

Commit Investments

Create profiles for your clients, then quickly and easily begin committing investments on their behalf. Track the progress through final signatures and fund the investment through our fully-digital process.

Reporting and Statements

Access client documents with real-time reporting, quarterly updates, and annual tax documentation. Our team is here to support you through the entire fund lifecycle.
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