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But not all funds are created equal.

Manager Selection is Paramount in Private Markets

Top-Quartile, Median, and Bottom-Quartile Returns of Public Equity and Private Equity Fund Managers
Source: JP Morgan Asset Management
U.S. Fund Global Equities manager dispersion is based on U.S. domiciled mutual funds and ETFs annual returns over a 10-year period ending 3Q 2023. Global Private Equity is represented by the 10-year horizon internal rate of return (IRR) ending 3Q 2023.
Top quartile private equity managers over the last ten years have proven to more than triple the returns of their counterparts in public equities. But the top and bottom performing private equity managers, unlike their public market peers, are separated by a wide spread. Generating above-average, risk-adjusted returns in these markets requires the expertise to vet, qualify and understand the risks of each.

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Process leads to repeatability. Repeatability leads to results.

Gridline proactively sources funds with a history of top-quartile performance or unique emerging strategies, and performs extensive due diligence on each fund before adding a select few to the platform for investors.
We systematically analyze the massive universe of investment opportunities across emerging and established managers, asset classes, strategies and regions to curate a selection of opportunities on our platform.

We select outstanding performers with an evaluation process focused on quantitative and qualitative factors to develop an informed view of each manager, separating those who are truly skilled from those who just got lucky.

Funds selected by Gridline’s investment team are made available to members through investment vehicles designed to meet specific objectives.

Direct Funds provide exposure to a single underlying fund, allowing investors to back a specific investment thesis. Funds available include both large, blue-chip funds with a track record of outperformance and smaller sector specialists with a differentiated investment strategy
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Thematic Portfolios are multi-fund products designed to provide diversified exposure to a particular asset class or investment strategy with a single investment. Funds are carefully selected to include complimentary strategies capable of mitigating risk and enhancing return expectations
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Customized Funds are available to eligible clients, allowing sophisticated investors to construct their own investment vehicles and manage them via Gridline’s best-in-class technology platform
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