The Gridline Mission

By: Logan Henderson | Published: 02/22/2022
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A quick reminder of why we’re here. Private market investing has operated on a flawed model. When it comes to the product side, the process of identifying, accessing, evaluating, and deploying capital into the best products has left much to be desired. Much of this process involves navigating through outdated, analog systems that do not provide investors with the transparency necessary to make informed decisions and select the most suitable investments. Whether individuals are managing their investments independently or relying on wealth managers, it’s doubtful that they are maximizing their investment potential. By enhancing, or rather replacing, the current processes, we are confident that we can significantly improve the returns for our customers compared to the current status quo.

On the transaction side, which includes tasks like developing allocation plans, completing subscriptions, and managing post-closure activities such as reporting, tax compliance, and portfolio modeling, the entire system is antiquated. It involves the sharing of PDF documents, the exchange of physical paperwork, unexpected capital calls, corralling K-1s, and overcoming non-standardized reporting frameworks. This outdated approach applies to endowments, family offices, wealth managers, and high-net-worth individuals alike.

When it comes to fees, the existing model has too many intermediaries involved, some disclosed and others hidden, leading to excessive frictional costs that erode investment returns. When digging deeper, it becomes evident that some of these fees result from the outdated and analog methods employed by established players in the industry. We are committed to passing on these efficiency gains to our customers, providing them with superior products and a vastly improved overall investment experience.

Our mission remains simple – to provide investors with access to top-performing investment products, all wrapped in a dramatically improved digital user experience with fair pricing.

-Logan Henderson, Founder and CEO

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