Investing in alternatives is a mix of art and science.

Private markets can beat public markets. But not all funds are created equal.

Manager selection is critical in alternative assets like venture capital, real estate and private equity, where the universe of investment options dwarfs those available in public markets.

Top Quartile
Bottom Quartile
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You can see this in how the top and bottom performing private managers, unlike their public market peers, are separated by a wide spread. Generating above-average, risk-adjusted returns in these markets requires not only access to top-tier funds but the expertise to vet, qualify and understand the risks of each.
Gridline develops long-term partnerships with exceptional and rare individuals committed to delivering strong investment performance to our users. These managers have unique analytical talent, anticipate market movements, exhibit portfolio management skills and have the deep conviction to outperform on a long-term basis in ways others can’t match.

Here is how we do it.

Access to Top Managers

Our direct experience in alternatives stretches back over two decades including investing in over 200 General Partners.

Our shareholders represent: 5 family offices, 15 funds and 1 global law firm serving as primary fund counsel to more than 500 investment fund organizations.

We not only have access to well-known funds but the knowledge that emerging fund managers regularly beat both public benchmarks and private market peers.

We systematically analyze the massive universe of investment opportunities across emerging and established managers, asset classes, strategies and regions to create a comprehensive menu of opportunities to pick managers from.

The Four P’s: Our Art & Science Framework

We select outstanding performers with an evaluation process focused on four principles — People, Process, Performance and Philosophy. This framework uses quantitative and qualitative techniques to get an informed view of each manager, separating those who are truly skilled from those who just got lucky.


The Investment Process

We're just as rigorous in our monitoring and ongoing due diligence. We undertake in-depth reviews each quarter, benchmarking funds and seeking explanations for returns that vary dramatically (positively or negatively) from benchmarks or category averages.

Transparency is important.

This evaluation process is summarized for you, as an investor or fiduciary, in a few key pieces of information.

Fund Overview

The “tear sheet” includes critical information that explains the investment strategy and gives you a 30,000-foot view of the fund. It includes details like:

The Fund's Team
Investment Process & Thesis
Investment Examples
Past Performance
Fee/Economic Disclosures

Gridline Perspective

This perspective is a synopsis of everything that went into ensuring the evaluation process is robust and unbiased. Learn why our experts think this is a sound investment. You’ll get our take on what gives the fund’s team a unique edge, as well as their investment process, risk management procedures, and growth plans.

Due Diligence Questionnaire

The DDQ digs into the granular details of the fund’s operations, legal structure, compensation structure, regulatory compliance, and reliance on third-party service providers.

Our goal is to deliver access to the highest quality investment opportunities so that you can capture superior returns.
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