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Exploring Today's Macroeconomic Parallels to 2001

In any downturn, analysts and commentators search for historical parallels to explain what is happening and to predict what will […]
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How Portfolio Companies Adapt in a Recession

Short runways, tight budgets, and an uncertain future. That's the landscape for many portfolio companies during a recession, and Bloomberg […]
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How Private Investors are Shifting Tactics in the Face of a Downturn

Sticky inflation has dealt a severe blow to economies worldwide, and private market investors are not immune to its effects. […]
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The Upside of Private Market Illiquidity

Liquidity, or the ability to quickly turn an asset into cash, is conventionally seen as a desirable trait. It's what […]
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Think Twice Before Investing Pre-IPO Via Employee Equity

The 60/40 portfolio, comprised of 60% stocks and 40% bonds, has been the bedrock of many investors' portfolios for decades. […]
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The Costs of Missing Out on Private Markets

In a downturn, many investors look for the perfect moment to enter the markets. Even worse, around 42% of Americans […]
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Why Even Well-Informed Stock Pickers Underperform

Retail and institutional investors alike have long been enamored with stock picking. On the surface, the logic is simple: find […]
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Why Diversification is the Only Free Lunch in Finance

"There's no free lunch" has been a mantra of finance for nearly a century. The Fed came to that realization […]
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Short-Termism in Public Markets and the Benefits of Private Markets

Mandated quarterly earnings reporting and activist investor pressure have created a short-term orientation in public markets that is detrimental to […]
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Top Five Investment Mistakes That Could Haunt You For Decades

In August 1998, Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM), a large hedge fund, collapsed. LTCM had taken on too much risk and […]
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Why the Last Stock Market Bull Run is Unlikely to Repeat

From March 2009 to the beginning of 2022, we saw a highly unprecedented bull run in the stock market. This […]
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The End of TINA ("There is No Alternative"): Private Markets, Not Bonds, Are the Alternative

The refrain "there is no alternative" is favored by politicians to market pundits when faced with tough decisions. "TINA" has […]
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Why Long-Term Strategies Are Gaining Popularity

Relatively illiquid private market assets consistently outperform their more liquid public market counterparts. For example, the median private equity fund […]
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Gen Z’s Unparalleled Interest in Alternative Investments

In the 1980s, certificates of deposit returned double-digit annualized returns. Today, young investors are losing money. Inflation is at 8.3%, […]
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Mitigating Early-Stage Investing Risks

Investing in early-stage companies demands a healthy risk appetite. Seven of ten investments will fail to return the money invested, […]
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